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MyBroadband is the largest IT website in South Africa. As the dominant player in this market MyBroadband attracts over 80% of all traffic to IT websites. Furthermore, MyBroadband is the only IT website to form part of the top 10 largest websites in the country. MyBroadband sees 1 million unique readers a month who are largely attracted by the quality content and breaking industry news. MyBroadband also has the largest social networking platform for IT professionals in SA with over 4,8 million posts and 85,000 registered members. As the largest forum in South Africa, MyBroadband sees a variety of IT professionals and has become a hub of activity for IT and telecommunica

The Kenya ICT Board was established by HE President Mwai Kibaki, as a state corporation under the State Corporations Act Cap. 446 on 19th February 2007. The achievement of an information-based society is one of the main priorities of the Government towards the realization of national development goals and objectives for wealth and employment creation. ICT is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. Harnessing of ICTs will therefore help the Government to realize a number of its key public policy objectives. In general, ICT will contribute significantly to the process by improving government operations as outlined in the e-government strategy.

The Kenya Information Technology and Outsourcing Services (KITOS) is the premier private sector association developing and promoting the use of industry-wide standards to improve BPO and ITES as a management practice, profession, and industry in Kenya. KITOS key role and focus is to increase its members capacity and facilitate wider trade involvement with stakeholders. KITOS is proud to be associated with KINETIC and welcomes delegates to Kenya to explore business opportunities and partnerships assuring you of an industry with a global perspective and an African appreciation. is South Africa and Africa's leading B2B website, with a focus on the nation's advertising, marketing, media, retail and associated sectors. A daily mix of original and quality news coverage has made the vehicle of choice for a diverse online audience. Our portal dedicated to Advertising, Marketing & Media is the key influencer in these sectors in Africa and has become the go-to hub for business drivers, opinion makers and recruiters. We are dedicated to building, showcasing and servicing online business communities in our region

InfoCom is a market research and consultancy company with 20 years experience in providing expert strategic planning assistance to stakeholders in the telecommunications, IT and multimedia industries. InfoCom’s independent and fact-based analyses highlight trends and opportunities, supporting decision makers to understand market dynamics in order to improve their competitive advantage. Our independent and fact-based perspective provides decision makers with an authoritative assessment of market dynamics, trends and opportunities in their key markets.


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